Every patient is unique, Dr. Nager will create a treatment plan to meet your health objectives. Read what patients they have to say.

Donna M

The doctor was professional, efficient well mannered and kind.

Joellen P

Dr. Nager is an exceptional doctor who has always provided me with the highest quality of care. He has many different therapeutic tools to choose from and many years of solid experience. I highly recommend him!!

Dr. Simon A

Went in with a baker's cyst on my L knee which had been non symptomatic for 30 yrs & had become painful preventing me from running. Following 3 neural therapy treatments I am able to run without pain for 3 miles. Thank you Dr Nager!! Fantastic service & comprehensive naturopathic working including neuropathy. Brilliant!!

Jack A

I’m extremely picky with health providers and I always do my online homework before making an appointment. Dr. Nager is every bit as good as the reviews say he is. What I appreciate most is that he is warm, friendly and knowledgeable in many naturopathic health techniques. It helped me after a shoulder injury using naturopathic manipulative therapy, physiotherapies and trigger point injections. He helped me cure my eczema using food allergy testing and dietary advice. I’ve recommended him to my friends and whole family.

Elaine A

Dr. Nager, was extremely helpful and caring when I saw him. He asked me extensive questions about my condition and offered a variety of natural treatment options rather than an antibiotic, which was exactly what I was looking for. Dr. Nager continued to check up on me after my visit to make sure that I was recovering quickly and getting the treatment that I needed.

Janet T

My cholesterol was high when I made an appointment with Dr. Nager. My goal was to reduce it from 235 to below 200. With supplements and natural remedies and diet and exercise my totals dropped from 235 to 188 with good numbers for HDL/LDL and triglycerides. Dr. Nager also treated my recurring shoulder injury to help me mange the aches and pain. He followed up promptly and I never had long waits in the office.

Ornette C

Dr. Nager is very personable and knowledgeable. He explained things well and I am very optimistic about the treatment plan we developed.