Treatment begins with an in-depth evaluation including a cortisol rhythm test that uses samples of saliva to evaluate cortisol levels throughout the day. Once the level and nature of adrenal fatigue have been determined, a custom treatment plan will be developed that may include nutritional supplementation and support, herbal medicine, biopuncture, and lifestyle and dietary changes.


Acute and chronic pain can cause detrimental effects on the body. From inflammation, tissue damage, and destruction to insomnia, depression, and anxiety, pain can penetrate one’s daily life in a very unpleasant way. Whether the pain results from a slip and fall, car accident, sports injury, or unknown cause, Dr. Nager uses his broad knowledge base to individually develop a treatment plan to fit all pain syndromes and all patients based on their needs.

Food Allergy

Food reactions may cause eczema, psoriasis, migraines, asthma, auto-immune diseases, Heartburn, gallbladder problems, IBS, colitis, recurrent upper respiratory infections and many other conditions. Treatment starts with food sensitivity testing.

About Dr. Nager

Dr. William D. Nager is a Portland naturopath providing homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine, naturopath spinal manipulation, clinical nutrition and diet counseling, neural therapy and trigger point injection therapy, biopuncture, dry needling techniques, low dose naltrexone therapy and more. Come visit his naturopathic clinic in Portland today.  We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy tomorrow.

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