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Homeopathic Medicine

This Powerful system of medicine is more than 200 years old and is widely accepted in other countries (the Royal family of England uses a homeopathic physician). more>>

Homeopathic medicines act to strengthen the body's innate immune response and they seldom have side effects. Some conditions that conventional medicine has no effective treatment to respond well to homeopathy.


Botanical Medicine

Many plant substances are powerful medicines, with advantages over conventional drugs. They are effective and safe when used properly, in the right dose and in the proper combinations with other herb or treatments. more>>

A resurgence of scientific research in Europe and Asia is demonstrating that some plant substances are superior to synthetic drugs in clinical situations. Naturopathic doctors are trained in both the art and the science of botanical or herbal medicine.


Naturopathic Spinal Manipulation

Pain relieving techniques including soft tissue and joint mobilization, electrotherapy, ultrasound, hot and cold packs, myofacial trigger point therapy, more>>

custom made orthotics and other treatments to get back to normal activities or your level of lifestyle as soon as possible.


Clinical Nutrition and Diet Counseling

Nutrition and the therapeutic use of foods has always been a cornerstone of naturopathic medicine. A growing body of scientific knowledge in the is area is reflected in numerous professional journals more>>

of nutrition and dietary sciences, validating the naturopathic approach to diet and nutrition. Many medical conditions can be treated as effectively with food and nutritional supplements as they can by any other means, but with fewer complications and side effects. Naturopathic physicians receive more than 140 classroom hours in clinical nutrition: most medical doctors receive fewer than 20 hours. Also Dr. Nager provides nutritional supplements evaluations for patients who self prescribed or were given supplements by another practitioner.


Neural Therapy and Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Neural Therapy is a treatment which helps to reset nervous system function in an area where chronic pain has made the nerves hyper or hypo sensitive. It consists of a series of shallow injections of procaine into the skin, more>>

scar tissue, acupuncture points and muscular trigger points to relieve pain and dysfunction in soft tissue injuries that occurred last week or many years ago. After the treatment you will feel heaviness in the area of the injections. This is a normal desirable reaction, which dissipates in a few hours. Some people feel relief of the pain after a couple of treatments but most require 5-7 treatments to resolve their pain. These treatments are a very effective treatment for headaches, neck and shoulder tension, overused muscles and low back and joint pain.



Is a unique injection therapy injecting ultra-low dilution homeopathic formulas, such as Traumeel, Lymphomyosot, or Zeel into specific points or zones to stimulate more>>

the body's own healing capabilities. The injections are micro-injections with a very small needle just under the skin or into the muscle.


Dry Needling Techniques

Is a treatment procedure whereby a thin filamentous needle is inserted into a muscle. Typically, a thin needle is inserted into trigger points in a muscle for the purpose of pain relief, more>>

for rehabilitation of injuries, and pain and injury prevention. There is no solution injected into the muscle hence the term "dry needling". This technique is unequaled in its efficacy in treating neuromuscular dysfunction and many other conditions.


Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy

Increasing evidence supports the use of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for a variety of conditions such as autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto's thyroiditis more>>

and Crohn's disease, other gastrointestinal symptoms, chronic inflammation, mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, and more.

Many patients who take LDN report benefits such as increased joint mobility, improved workout recovery, a general sense of well-being, improved mental clarity, regular well-formed bowel movements, and a decrease in common viruses, such as colds. Its benefits are in part due to its immune modulating activity and upregulation of opioid activity as well as other effects on brain chemistry and the gut.

Naltrexone was originally approved by the FDA at higher doses for use in treating alcohol and opiate addiction, however, when compounded into low doses (1.5-4.5 mg daily), LDN has been shown to increase endogenous opioids - which then can enhance mood and modulate the immune system. Chronic inflammation is a characteristic of many chronic diseases and therefore the positive effects LDN has on inflammation may be beneficial for a vast array of conditions. Studies have shown benefit in conditions such as Crohn's disease, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, lupus, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. LDN is also prescribed to inhibit cell growth in certain cancers. In addition, we have seen improvement in several women's health conditions including, interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia.

Low Dose Naltrexone therapy is available by prescription only and requires a compounding pharmacy to prepare it. The side effect profile is minimal with common reports of vivid dreams and interrupted sleep during the initial adjustment. LDN is compatible with most prescription medications except for narcotics. Caution is taken with Hashimoto's patients as LDN can lead to a prompt decrease in the autoimmune antibodies and may require a decrease in thyroid replacement medication as the body works more effectively.


Dr. Nager uses a number of highly-effective naturopathic approaches for the treatment of:

Asthma & Allergies
ADD, ADHD, Behavioral Issues
Auto-immune Diseases
Diabetes & Pre-diabetes
Digestive orders:
   • IBS
   • Reflux, Heartburn, GERD, Gas & Bloating
   • Constipation
   • SIBO
   • Colitis
Food Allergies
Heart Health:
   • High Cholesterol
   • Elevated Blood Pressure
Hormone Imbalances:
   • Thyroid disorders
   • Adrenal dysfunction
   • Menopause
   • Pre-menstrual syndrome
Immune System Support
Natural Fertility & Preconception Health Care
Post-partum Care:
   • Depression
   • Fatigue
   • Milk production issues
Women's Health:
   • PMS
   • Menstrual complaints
   • Menopause
   • Low libido

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Functional Lab Testing 

Naturopathic physicians are primary care practitioners who do standard medical lab testing but also do a number of functional lab tests to help diagnose and follow patients

Food Sensitivity Testing
This is one of the main functional tests done at Dr. Nager’s office. Food reactions might help cause eczema, psoriasis, migraines, asthma, auto-immune diseases, Heartburn, gallbladder problems, IBS, colitis, recurrent upper respiratory infections and many other conditions. 

Stool and Digestive Analysis
When standard MD’s do a stool analysis, all they check for is usually salmonella, shigella, C. difficile bacteria, as well as some parasites. Our lab, Doctor’s Data and Genova lab, measures so much more. For patients with gastrointestinal distress this is an amazingly key test. It measures beneficial bacteria, commensural bacterial overgrowth, Pathogenic bacteria, fungal growth, ova and parasites, digestive enzymes, fatty acids, inflammatory markers, and immune system markers.

Adrenal Stress Testing
The adrenal glands sit on top of each kidney. They make both reproductive and stress related hormones. With the saliva test, we check for the stress hormones cortisol and DHEA. If cortisol is too high it can make you anxious, gain weight, have insomnia, wear down the lining of your intestinal tract, interfere with thyroid production, and increase inflammation. 

SpectraCell Nutrient Test
This blood test measures many of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants we need in our body’s cells to enable our body to function well. We can use this test to see how well a patient is absorbing foods how well their intestines work, and how their diet is working for them, and also if they have been ill for awhile, depressed, anxious, lo energy, low recuperative ability, we can measure what functional nutrient deficiency he patient has which we can correct.

Heavy Metal Testing
This test measures 14 different toxic metals in a patients urine. Our environment is very polluted, and so is our food, our water, our air. Environmental toxicity is associate wit being an etiological risk factor for many conditions – hormonal, auto-immune and neurological. We run this test when past exposure to a toxic environment is documented, or when patients mention they are very sensitive to odor and scents, new carpeting, tobacco, that gives them headaches or other symptoms.
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